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The FDA regulates contact lenses as a medical device, and we take that label seriously. We monitor our contact lens wearers closely to see if they are experiencing any negative effects. Contact lenses have the ability to affect the health of the eye that glasses do not and, as a result, require more testing to be sure the eye is healthy enough to wear or continue to wear contact lenses. We take the extra time to evaluate the cornea (clear tissue on the front of the eye that the contact lens sits on), tear film, and external eye health to assure comfortable, safe contact lens wear. We utilize slit lamp evaluation to assess tear volume, tear quality, TBUT (tear break up time) corneal staining with fluorescein sodium vital dye, and eyelid health. Baseline information is gathered prior to starting with contact lenses and then again after a 2-week wearing period to be sure the eye is adapting to the presence of a contact lens. We repeat this evaluation at least yearly to assure continued healthy contact lens wear.

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