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How to Deal with Your Scary Red Eye
At some point, you might be the victim of one of these scenarios: You rub your eye really hard, or y...


These are the first faces you will probably see when you enter our doors. They are here to help you get checked in, sign paperwork and facilitate a smooth transition to the pre-testers to start your exam. They are also the voices you will hear when you call our office, helping you schedule appointments, order contact lenses, answer questions or direct you to the appropriate person who can answer your question. They are eager to help you, but it can be quite a busy job so please be patient if you have to wait while they are helping another patient, have to put you on hold, or return your call. They will give you their undivided attention as soon as it is your turn.

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Take a moment to watch the following videos featuring our latest eye health tips, products, and office technology! We welcome you to visit our video education library as well, which has many more informational videos. If you have questions at any time, be sure to contact us. We'd love to help!

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome



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