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The Lowdown on Low Vision
Recent Census Bureau data shows a population of approximately 71 million baby boomers (the generatio...


Our administrative staff gets the behind the scenes work done. They are knowledgeable on our insurance plans, both vision and medical. They submit our insurance claims as well as reconcile the claims when we get them back from the insurance company. They ensure the office runs smoothly by managing our patient communications such as email blasts, recalls, and reviews. They oversee the technology and work with our IT company, as well as the implementation of devices we use from our electronic health records to the equipment we use to process payments. They are responsible for the ordering of supplies and assuring we are stocked with all items necessary for seeing patients each day.

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Take a moment to watch the following videos featuring our latest eye health tips, products, and office technology! We welcome you to visit our video education library as well, which has many more informational videos. If you have questions at any time, be sure to contact us. We'd love to help!

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome



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